SCHÜLE’S Resort in Allgäu: Your path to harmony

Find out what does you good in our resort in Allgäu. Your stay in SCHÜLE’S Gesundheitsresort & Spa means a comfortable vacation in the healing climate of this "Premium Class" health resort:

  • The first Kneipp treatment facility in Oberstdorf. The harmony of body, mind and soul has a long tradition here. In our classic and modern ambience you will feel as if you are in your 4-star superior home.

  • With the help of medical wellness, a competent team, comfortable, familiar, feel-good atmosphere in our resort and, if you desire, a dietary cuisine, you can gather new energy.

  • The five principles defined by Sebastian Kneipp, "vitality", "active", "harmonious", "natural" and "healthy", for a holistic, harmonious and healthy lifestyle was our role model and we have consistently implemented this in all areas of our resort. In service and cuisine as well as in the rooms and the garden.